RNA purification kits and reagents are available from a variety of vendors, designed for the convenient and effective isolation of RNA. These include kits, buffers, and solutions to isolate not only total RNA, but also mRNA, miRNA, and exosome RNA.

These ready-to-use kits also allow for the removal of unwanted elements such as DNA and ribonucleases, leaving contamination-free RNA that is suitable for use in applications studying gene expression, including RT-PCR, microarray, and sequencing.

Exosome RNA Purification Kits are designed for the isolation of RNA derived from exosomes from plasma, serum, body fluids, or supernatants. Small RNA molecules found in exosomes or extracellular vesicles, such as microRNA, are of considerable interest for their potential to serve as disease biomarkers.

Kits include specialized buffers and components to purify contamination-free, high-quality exosomal RNA suitable for use in applications such as RT-PCR and sequencing.

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