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Engineered Products


Trelleborg Offshore

have been actively involved in the development of innovative products and solutions throughout international defense industries for over 40 years. Working closely with both government departments and defense contractors, we have provided numerous innovative solutions from conception through to design and manufacture for Air, Surface, Subsea and Land sectors of the defense industry.


We are experts in a range of sea surface products for the defense industry. These are used on vessels ranging from high speed patrol craft  to aircraft carriers. This sector features a variety of products combining a unique use of materials with tailored design to provide specific solutions.


Our specialist material knowledge and our state of teh art production and development equipment allow us to pioneer new, stronger, lighter materials and solutions including: -


Land defense systems encompass a multitude of diverse applications for our products and materials. General applications are geared towards the following solutions; weight reduction for easy transportation/air lifting, composites and blast protection.